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In-house competitions

2021 - Competition Results,

Men's Championship Winner -                                        Runner up,

Mixed Handicap Winner -                                                Runner up,

Mixed 100 up Winner -                                                    Runner up,        

Mixed Yard of the Jack Winner -                                     Runner up,         


2020 Competition Results:

Sadly due to covid 19 no in-house club competitions were played.


We had five in-house competitions in 2019: men's championship, ladies' championship, handicap, yard of the jack and 100 up.

Results were as follows:

Men's championship: winner, Bob Taylor. Runner up, Les Samuels

Ladies' championship: winner, Trisha Ball. Runner up, Miriam Ibbotson

Mixed 100 up: winner, Trisha Ball. Runner up, Alan Marden

Mixed Handicap: winner, Bob Taylor. Runner up, Barbara Marden

Mixed Yard of the Jack: winner, Trisha Ball. Runner up, Brian Hodgson


For more details about our in-house Club competitions, please contact Alan Marden